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Growing Pono Research in Waimānalo
Nov 20, 2019, Mānoa — A Waimānalo project has proven successful because of strong community participation.
UH doctors find a cure for uncontrollable laughter
Nov 19, 2019, Mānoa — Medical residents helped a man who suffered from a lifelong affliction.
Lyon Arboretum’s new and improved fall plant sale
Nov 15, 2019, Mānoa — New to the plant sale are local crafters selling handmade products.
UH Mānoa studies examine how feral pigs impact Hawai‘i’s forest ecosystems
Nov 15, 2019, Mānoa — The studies balance the desire to eradicate feral pigs with the desire to maintain them for culture.
Liver cancer clinical trial only available in Hawaii
Nov 14, 2019, Mānoa — The new clinical trial combines two different medications to combat the aggressive disease.
KPMG donates $50,000 to renovate Accounting Research Center at Shidler College
Nov 13, 2019, Mānoa — KPMG has donated $50,000 to renovate and modernize the Accounting Research Center (ARC) at UH Manoa.
Shidler College celebrates gift of education at scholarship luncheon
Nov 13, 2019, Mānoa — Shidler College of Business hosted more than 350 donors and students at its Scholarship Luncheon.
Prey-size plastics are invading larval fish nurseries
Nov 13, 2019, Mānoa — Larval fish from different ocean habitats are ingesting plastics in their preferred nursery habitat.
New study first to reveal growth rates of deep-sea coral communities
Nov 12, 2019, Mānoa — Research reveals growth rates of deep-sea coral communities for the first time.
MEDIA ADVISORY: UH Mānoa Hawai?inuiākea tribute performance marks pivotal moment in Hawaiian history
Nov 8, 2019, Mānoa — A performance tribute by the UH Mānoa Hawai?inuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge.
UH Mānoa Nursing earns maximum 10-year reaccreditation
Nov 8, 2019, Mānoa — The University of Hawai?i at Mānoa Nursing program earns full accreditation.
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