10 Important Ways To Stay Perfectly Healthy

10 important ways to stay healthy

Today we are taking about 10 important ways to stay healthy so read this attentively. Health is an important issue for every human and animal. All of us should be careful about health. Mind and body connected with each other.If you think that your mind is bad, then it may be the primary source of a health problem from your frustration, anxiety, intense, condemnation, negative, emotion. Again, your illness may cause of your negative emotions. So we need healthy body and mind.

healthy mind and health body

So, both of the body and mind should try to keep it good. The future doctor will teach the patient without medication, take care of the body, choose the right food, diagnose the causes of the disease and prevent it. – Thomas Alva Edison, US inventor.
Although it is possible to implement the prediction that Edison has done today, we are not yet fully aware of body care, eating judgment and disease prevention. So a small effort to write 10 important ways to stay healthy based on the advice of various doctors and researchers.

Read about 10 important ways to stay healthy:

  • Regular Exercise and healthy eating

Suitable exercise and eating habits and cheerful minds are the key to being healthy. Actually, there is so much anxiety or tension in our lives that we can not be sunny. But in the words, the tension in the tension is much more than what is buried in cancer. So if you want to live well then keep the mind happy. There is no alternative to good thinking and good work for this. You have to combine yourself with any creative work.

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  • Exercise should start from Child

Exercise should start from four years of age. There are many types of exercises By exercising such as walking, swimming and dancing, running bicycles or other machinery and lifting heavy loads, exercises through body organs, and yoga, keeping the body in special shape. All exercises benefit. But it is better to choose exercises based on age, physical needs, environmental benefits, time constraints, and emotional tendencies. But there are some exercises that are not completely bedridden or unable to move, everyone can do it. The emphasis is on these writings.

  • Walk 45 minutes a day

Walk 45 minutes a day. If you can not do it once in a few times. In it, all the organs of the body are flexible and in many enzymes in the brain decrease anxiety. Walking stopped women’s bone loss due to bone loss and other complications.

  • Organizational movement and massage

Organizational movement and massage are good exercises. Because the blood circulation is easy because it can not get fat. Here are some of the important parts of the body that are mentioned in the massage, through which the near parts and parts of the distance are also beneficial.

  1.  Whenever possible to massage the whole head, the blood circulates well on the head and the brain is nervous and it will not be easy to hair or not.
  2.  Rotating 10-minute hands and wet wet forehead, the pituitary gland responsible for physical growth is fresh.
  3.  Massage the front and behind the ears and the stomach is good in the ear wrench with the ear lobe.
  4.  Knead with turn of the nose of the hand and turn the kidneys strong.
  5.  The first victim of any pressure of body and mind is neck. Therefore, the neck is flexible and the neck is flexible and the neck is flexible and hanging around.
  6.  Thorium and tonsill glands are good for gelling on the two sides of the neck below the jaw.
  7.  The hands are very active by pressing the elbows on the pair of elbows and massaging them between the elbows and wrists.
  8.  When massage on the four sides of the navel decreases anxiety and it does not easily cause intestinal disturbance when lying on the floor.
  • Breathing deeply

Losing two hands on the stomach, breathing deeply with the nose, and breathing slowly through the mouth, the lung power will increase and sleep well if it is 20 minutes a day. It is a very good exercise to shrink and leave the anus once it is done to keep the overall strength of the body and to maintain the youth.

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  • Clap your hands and hooks in the toe

A big part of the nervous system is in the palm and under the feet. If you clap your hands, your eye cataracts will decrease, high blood pressure will decrease and memory will increase. All the organs of the body are excited and refreshing and if the diseased person is slow to heal, a total of 20 minutes a day, with a dumpy granule or plastic brush. Especially in the prevention of insomnia, cardiovascular disease and stroke and women are very beneficial during pregnancy. After the toe of the toes, pull the fingers up and down.

Give a glimpse of water in the eyes

At the time of washing your face, give a glimpse of water 25 times. Drag and drop water as much as possible by nose. It will not be easy cold-cough. In addition, it is very helpful in headaches, sinositis and migraine.

  • Yoga exercises

The yoga exercises that have been invented here in our subcontinent are celebrated all over the world today, whereas many of us are ignorant of this. However, many books on yoga exercises are available nowadays. If these are read and possible then get an accurate idea from an expert. The main feature of this exercise is the different body parts called the seat. In one seat, the body is pressured by one or the other, which benefits a part of the body. After having stayed for some time, there is a special place to rest, which is called Residential accommodation.

  • Keep your mind fresh

Keeping the mind untidly and without limitation, it has to be chanted without lying pillar and spreading the hands and feet. If you wake up in the morning, do not stay out of bed and sit for a while. It increases strength and self-confidence. If the habitat is half an hour a day, the spine is good, many work and emotional stress can be tolerated and any pain and hidden problems in the body are removed. Note that most of the blood is produced from the spinal cord and ribs.

  • Yoga in the morning before breakfast

Padmasana, Paban Muktasan and Bhujangasana. At the time of food digestion, stomach accumulation is responsible for one-third of all diseases. The above two seats increase the stomach and increase digestion. Pavan Muksasanan asthma, back and waist pain, and diarrhea or diabetes can also be beneficial for the patient. Bhujangasan also relieves all back and waist pain, hypertension and gynecology. After eating, no other yoga can be done without the thunderbolt. Vajrasana is good for digestion and sun, and the body is strong from the waist to the feet.