Find Out The Secret Tips to Becoming a Good Student

becoming a good student

Everyone has talent But somebody uses it to succeed, some use it or fail to move. Everyone in the class can not be a good student.So today we will try to find out the secret tips to becoming a good student. Nobody understands how important it is to be a successful student. Being a good student is only possible when life has a specific goal.Thomas Alva Edison was so stupid in his childhood that Master Moushe wrote to his mother, “Your Tommy is so stupid that it is not possible to learn his or her education. Get him out of school.

Scientist Einstein was called in a small time. Nine years have passed since he started his education due to his memory weakness. He became anxious due to the lack of memory. After two years of his endeavor, his son power improved remarkably. The rest is known only to everyone. What problems do students face and what are the solutions to them? The article was written to solve all these problems.

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Find out how to becoming a good student to bring success to life:

becoming a good student


  • Target

    Good students are evaluated everywhere and they get many opportunities to achieve success in life. If you want to be a good student, make a real goal of your life. Think about how to get along in a way. Create a guideline. It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Daily Routine

    I remember an example when talking about daily routine. That’s it – before leaving the platform to run a train, the rail master ordered that five more compartments will be added to this train today because the number of passengers is much higher. Just like the mandate, but there is a need for this work. The back train will come in a little bit, but Master did the job. When the back train stopped, he stopped by the line man and after leaving this train, the train entered the back flat.

    There is a small match in this example with the daily routine. Firstly, after the routine, it will be necessary to manage the situation and take it as a skilled station master. A daily routine may start soon after waking up. It could be any moment in the morning. However, it is good before sunrise. Because the body’s senses work well at this time. A routine can give you how to practice how to becoming a good student. May have a larger role than a train engine. It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

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1. Study Plan : Plan yourself so you will make a routine because of yourself. How to decorate it well, have a great deal of importance on this, keep a good plan. Then proceed slowly.

2. Time sharing: After sharing the time, the routine work can be accomplished in a complete way. If it fails then the routine value becomes lace. So a routine can never be random, for success. One of the exercises that can be done at the time of time is to be practiced. Sharing your time will make it easier for your routine.

But do not take the time when you can not do anything specific. Just as you thought that there are 10 minutes left to do two tasks, another task can be done. Yes, it can be done, but it should be kept in mind that it is not a big task. For the daily routine, it will take more than five minutes to get all the work done in time.

3. Time measurement: Every job has a specific time. It may take up to 30 minutes for you to do a homework. It would be foolish to take your routine less than thirty minutes. That’s why we have to set a specific time for every job. You have to acquire this timing before routine.

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4. Routine Rehabilitation: You can start with a draft routine for initial scrutiny. For example, one hour per day for Mathematics. But in a few days (about a month), it was seen that one hour is too low. You need more time. Then you can take it further. If you think that it is okay then take it as a permanent daily routine. In this way, you can also reduce the time spent on a permanent routine from Khasda.

For example, your Gosle takes 30 minutes a day. If you want, you can take a quicker shower. Then, after 7 minutes, take a permanent routine. And these seven minutes can not be left out. That’s your efficiency or expertise. Work efficiency increases day by day. So time goes on increasing our days, because work time takes less time. This way you can do a lot more work. Who is the best, he certainly works faster than us.

5. Routine changes: It will take longer. You can not retain life in any routine. He has to come up with variations. You can make minor changes in three months. You can also make big changes in the new planning year. In some cases medical or other natural causes may also change. Take the change as improvement. Just like your normal life is better than life. Find out what you get out of the way, you get a better life.

  • Persevere

    To be a good student, you have to persevere. There is a need to persevere in pursuit of life goals. The perseverance of student life will bring you success in life. Hard perseverance will help you build a good student.It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Work Library

    Good students prefer to work in the library. If you work in a library, it can be easily solved. For this reason, by selecting a specific time of day you work on the library at that time. It will be very easy to see it becoming a good student.

  • Leave Bad Friends

    The most important thing to be a good student is to leave bad friends. If you have a bad friend, your time will be badly damaged. Can not study, you can even become addictive. For this reason, to take good care of your studies, you should add some good friends to your friends and leave them to bad friends.It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Language skills

    To make good results in the examination, there should be skilled in Bengali and English. To achieve this skill, we need to look at the grammar. Most studies show that as students are weak in the village, they are afraid to acquire knowledge about this. It can be called mental weakness. To overcome this problem, a good teacher should consult and continue to practice regularly. Accurate, beautiful and shiny book guarantees a ruckus. It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Sticking to reading the writing

    Why do not you have to do it in life. Identify the problems of your studies and find out from how others have solved it. It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

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  • Understand and write

    It’s better to understand 100 times than being 1 times better and write it 1 times better than 30 times. Write again why you should read it. Keep in mind that the cheap pen is far more valuable than the precious bell.It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Follow the advice of the teacher

    You will always follow the advice of the teacher. The teacher, your elders and the experienced person, knows how to succeed if the education is inevitable. It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Read in the group book

    A test method is easy to memorize and chronicle in reading, group studies, or group writing. It is also called Diskus Therapy. This method is very effective for achieving success in studies. You can easily master any difficult issues grouping with your classmates.It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Collection of good notes

    “Good student means good note, good note means good test, good test means good result.” Teacher’s guideline for collection of advanced notes, good books and good student notes can be collected.It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Think positive

    “Positive thoughts solve problems.” Without being frustrated, always think positively. Your efforts and beliefs will lead you towards positive education.It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Seeing and complete  next day’s  lesson

    Before reading the lesson that teacher can read, the teacher can readily understand. It is a great technique. Especially those who can not read or weaken among many students should definitely adopt this technique.It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Spit and rest in the gap between reading

    Have you thought, how long have you kept your heart alive without heart? In fact, he rests on everybody’s heart, so he does not get tired. You must succeed by following him and the method. That is, if you are studying enough physical and emotional energy is spent. There may be an appetite in the gap in reading. So take adequate meal and take rest.

  • Self-Examination

    Before conducting institutional examination, self-examination will be done at home. It can be called a test and can be called.It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Prepare for the exam

    Preparation of exams before the final test is required. Keep in mind that there is a good preparation in all matters. If the preparation is satisfactory then the test is also good.It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Learning only when reading

    Finish working time, it will not be time to return to work again. Do not lose reading and do not end up immediately. It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Equal affirmation of all subjects

    In the present system of education, the A + should have to be equally efficient in every respect. Therefore, just give more time to English, not forget about other things. It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Practice fast reading

    If it takes too slow it takes time, so that more reading – can not be heard. Many people read the same sentence twice, stop coming to a difficult word, do not pay attention, do not get bored, etc. and reduce the speed of bad habit. While reading, try to understand the essence of each topic, be aware of the purpose. Mark the important part of the book or note it. If you need help from another book. When reading simple and difficult things, reduce time as needed – increase.

  • Make the writing beautiful and quick

    Everybody appreciates writing beautiful hands. Writing is interesting, it is a good student’s book. It is emphasized on the handwriting in all the stages of education. Hand writing can be beautiful and quick to follow a handy hand writing. Besides, you can get an experienced teacher and consultant in this regard. It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Study method

    If you have good results in student life, you have to work tirelessly in the right rules. To read and listen, the tactics and rules have to be followed. Robinson has formulated the best conventions of study. His method is called the S Q3R method. It is full of surveys, questions, read, recite, recollection. After following these few steps during the period, there are incredible results.

  • To read in a loud voice

    You will have to read loudly while reading the memories. In this process, the words are easily controlled because of the ears being reflected. Learning to read silently, once you lose reading, you lose interest in learning. If there is no interest, then after learning to read, it disappears from the brain. After learning it has to be repeated repeatedly. It also helps in remembering a lot.

  • New- Old combination

    When learning something new, you need to match more similar things. Because the brain has to get the momentum to contain any new information. But with the old data it can easily add new information. For example, in order to learn the term ‘CD’, remembering the old-time call song can easily remember the word. Just remember, what is the difference between the two words? While learning a new form of physics, you need to think that if such a form matches with any of the earlier sources. It’s a important point to becoming a good student.

  • Knowing the meaning

    Before learning English, you must know the meaning of the word. The main condition of learning English language is knowing the meaning of words and applying it in the sentence. If you do not understand it will be totally frustrated. The most important thing is to practice writing in English in creative ways. Because the question can come from anywhere in textbooks. If there is a rich financial capital of English words then there is no possibility of forgetting any reading.