Sleep is the best way to lose weight

best way to lose weight

Although weight loss is always hard to find, the study found that drinking more calories than gym or diet can be possible to sleep during the night.Because sleep is the best way to lose weight

Why Sleep is the best way to lose weight ?

In a report published on the Health website, a research on the findings of University of Iowa suggests that unhealthy changes in bowel bacteria may cause weight gain.

Another study found that sleep disadvantages can also increase weight gain by up to 55 percent.

Indian dietician Neha Chadha said that a slight change in bowel bacteria can affect insulin resistance, increase hormones, reduce metabolism.

The Mumbai-based Nutritionist said, “Our bodies themselves are rehabilitated and restructured while sleeping. At the same time these bacteria do the best.

The report mentions some ways of weight loss during sleep.

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Eating before dinner:

Do not eat dinner overnight. There must be enough space between nighttime and sleeping time.

Eating meat:

According to experts, most of the meat contains tritophane called amino acids, which have the ability to sleep. Even just a few ounces of meat can increase the sleeping length. So it is better to not eat meat before sleeping.

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The study found that one of the most effective ways to burn fat is chilli. Including chilli in regular diet, it is possible to speed up fat burning even during sleep.

Protein before sleeping:

Protein foods before eating can speed up metabolic work. Researchers found that the person who took only 30 grams of protein in the evening breakfast, the rate of metabolism was very high until morning after eating it again.

The meat produces more calories than sugar or fat, that is, when the digestion is digested, the body burns more calories.

After the Mint Rescuer:

It is believed that Mint or Mint leaves can reduce weight. So it can be used to smell mint leaves. Again, if you want to sleep, you can take a few drops of papermint oil with a cloth over the pillow and keep it aside.

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Leave AC:

The relatively cold weather improves the effectiveness of certain cells. These cells collect gray fat (brown fat). This fat burns fat in the belly and keeps the body warm. So, leaving the AC, you can go to sleep by reducing the room temperature.