Know about Canon 50 megapixel camera!


Canon 50 megapixel camera : First of all thanks for reading this article, if you are searching for Canon 50 megapixel camera to know about it . We must say you are on the right place. So without getting into query let’s directly jump into the collection of Canon 50 megapixel camera.

Canon 50 megapixel camera!

If you want to take a photo of Canon’s new EOS 5 DS camera, you will have to buy a SD card for more data storage capacity. Recently, Canon announced the 50.6 megapixel camera.
Today, Canon claims on Friday that the newest 5 DS and 5 DSR cameras, this camera is the world’s highest resolution camera among the Digital SLR 35mm Full-Frame Sensor Camera.

As the CMOS sensor, the Canon camera of the competitor Nikon D810 has expanded to 36 megapixels and Samsung’s NX1’s 28-megapixel camera.

From June, 5 DS’s body will be available for $ 3 thousand 699 and 5 DSRs will be available for US $ 3,989.
These cameras are being brought to the market aimed at amateur and professional photographers.

Richard Blogger, head of the company’s head office in Canon, Tokyo, said: “Dual DIGIC 6 image processor has been added to the camera to enhance the efficiency of taking pictures, Mirror Vibration Control System which can reduce camera shifts. Though images will crop up to a higher resolution, but the pictures will not be damaged. ‘

The camera features 61 points auto focus array so that 5 frame pictures can be taken per second and the maximum ISO will be 12,800. Fine Defile Mode for getting photo details. For the first time in the EOS cameras, the Times Laps Movie Function is designed to create a full-HD movie with a static image of more than two minutes.

Canon is adding new models to the Rebel line as popular mid range and high-end digital SLR’s. The T6S and T6i camera will have 24.2 megapixel APS-C image sensor, Wi-Fi and NFC facility. By April this year, these two models will be available at the price of 849 and 749 US dollars.

In addition to the camera body Canon has announced the EF11-24 mmFFL USB zoom lens. Canon’s claim that the replacement lens will have the highest viewing angle in this lens of the camera. It can be used in the EOS camera. The name of this lens will be ‘L’ or Luxury. This lens will be bought from February 2000 for US $ 2,999.