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earn money with Youtube

There are many ways to earn online at home. If you wish, you can easily earn some money sitting at home. Recently, the easiest way to earn money from online media is by uploading videos on YouTube and earning money. You can also easily earn money from YouTube. Today we will show you how to earn money with youtube easily.

Maybe you think I’m doing mosquitoes. But this is not a mosquito. At the bottom I mentioned the names of some people and the amount of their income-

1. Shane Dawson (431 million views and earn $ 315,000)
2. The Annoying Orange (349 mil views and earn $ 288,000)
3. Philip DeFranco (248 mil views and earn $ 181,000)
4. Ryan Higa (206 mil views and earn $ 151,000)
5. Fred (200 mil views and earn $ 146,000)

You can adopt two ways to make video. The first is video by video cameras, uploaded to YouTube and the second is the help of computer, with video editing, video editing and uploading to YouTube. However, before creating a video, one must remember that your video must be fun or educated and good quality. It can not be done by imitating any video or making a slight change to anyone. Then you can go to YouTube for copyright infringement.

It is possible to earn from my country: Before writing about this matter, I have researched many sites. Different people wrote about various tricks in their site, how to earn money through YouTube from their own country. It is not possible to earn money from Bangladesh through YouTube. Because YouTube is not offering YouTube Monetization yet. That’s why it is not possible to earn money from YouTube through a common channel, no matter how intriguing it may be. However, if you can prove your YouTube channel to YouTube as a good quality channel then YouTube will offer you the Monetization for yourself. Only then can you earn money from your country via YouTube online. You can see the name of YouTube Monetized Supported Countries.


How to earn money with youtube:

  • Choose and create a beautiful YouTube Channel Name:

First go to YouTube and register for a free registration. At the time of creating the account, without giving any name, the name given by the name, which can be remembered by anyone.

  • Create a YouTube Channel:

First you need to create a YouTube channel through the Gmail ID. Your YouTube Channel will be created at YouTube.Com by signing in with Gmail ID.

  • Become a YouTube Partner:

Then by clicking on My Channel from the left-hand option, you’ll see your YouTube Channel. You can see another option named Video Manager on the name of your channel, click on it. Now you can see many options right after clicking on the channel option on the left. You must verify the Partner number with the mobile number from your partner on the side. Your video can not be monetized unless the Partner is verified.

  • Upload video:

Upload your video now. After uploading you will see the Monetized option at the bottom of the video. Here are the different types of ads that Google will display on your video, with the prompts in the Monetize with ads option. However, do not upload any copied videos carefully. Then YouTube will disable your monetized options at any time.

  • Applying to AdSense:

Now you have to apply for Google AdSense through your YouTube Channel. With this AdSense you will lift the money. Now again click on the Monetization option from the left side Channel option and activate Monetization from the Enable Monetization button on the right. Then at the bottom there will be another option named How Will Payaid. You can click on associate an AdSense account and click Next and login through your Gmail ID and submit all the information and your AdSense request will go away. Now within 2-3 days your AdSense Approve mail will be in your inbox.

How to increase your income

  • Description of the video:

After uploading a new video, give a description of the video below. Then YouTube can easily get ideas about your video. Accordingly, YouTube will deliver the video to the visitor according to the specified topic.

  • Regular video creation:

Regularly try to upload new good quality video. Then your channel viewer will continue to grow. And the increase in viewer means that your income increases.

  • Video Sharing:

After publishing the video, you can share your videos on various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

  • Create Back Link:

You can link to your video on other popular sites such as video tutorials or video making. From there, you will get a lot of visitors to your site.

  • Follow Competitor:

Follow people who are working like you or your like, if you want to succeed, then follow your competitors. See how they are succeeding. Read the history of their success.

Lastly, since YouTube is a part of Google company, so you can earn money by using your hard work from here. The biggest advantage of this is that you are not buying any type of domain and hosting. Moreover, Google AdSense approval is easily available through YouTube. So, I think this is the easiest, free and reliable way to earn money online.