Importance of classroom environment and maintenance

Importance of classroom environment

Importance of classroom environment and maintenance: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts of Educational on Importance of classroom environment and maintenance.

Importance of classroom environment and maintenance

There is no end to thinking about reading. But in the walls of four walls, it is time to spend a lot of time, even thinking about it. There are some rules of classrooms.

Let’s think about the school in the middle of the study. What is the wall Is the floor right? The window is entering the light and air? Whether it is in the class, breath stops breathing. There is a huge ground in any school, and no one will ever play in one place. A school is huge, some are too small. How dirty white walls are also The school building is very rashavi? But what should be the ideal school design?

First time open field. Students in government schools are lucky in this direction There are no schools in the private schools. In the field of play, the body of the students of the field of sports, keeping the mind well.

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What is inside the cell? A row of rows and a blackboard There are windows or one or two doors. The designers say that the thought of wall paint. Several schools in the capital have seen, most of the wall color is white. Architect Suhaili Shaima Shanjuti, architect of the institute, Archidane, said that the study of the subject of wall design influenced the students. On the primary school wall, there is a need for basic colors like red-green-blue. May be yellow, green, orange and violet.

But it will not only be stuck in the wall. If the chairs, benches or even books were painted, then the new dimensions were added. There is no problem even if the wall is not colored for students of secondary and upper class students in a bigger class. However, Shanjuti said, looking at the wall would not be too sad to look at it. If there is a very dark color, the eyes can irrigate, and the color of the painted wall may be bad. So the school administration should take care of changing the color of the walls regularly.

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Thinking about the classroom window is important. Sheikh Rubaiya Sultana, architectural teacher of BRAC University, said no compromise will be done in this regard. If you want to design the school, you need adequate natural light. Ventilations must be of course good. It’s both natural and artificial. Natural Ventilations Keeps the mind.

Regarding the design of the school, Rubaiya also said the answer light is good for learning. The light comes from both sides. But the answer light is gentle Feeling uncomfortable when reading above the books. Answer to the architects is the ideal of the answer. Because its intensity is low. Artists also like this light On the other hand, there is more intensity of light in the south. So the architects tried to eliminate it as much as possible in their design.

Tools to make artificial ventilation. There are schools in the city that have been built within a house. There are schools where there is no chance of having a window. There air conditioning control equipment Regarding the lamp, Sanjuti said that the lighting of the class lamp is still artificial, but now there are many bulbs to look like natural light. But it can not be intense.

Another name for the problem is AC. Although it is enjoyable, it is harmful for the body. Especially those who have sinocytosis problems, may have trouble breathing in the AC. Headache and headache. Besides, due to lack of moisture, the skin and mouth may dry up. The skin will become dhaskhase. Because of Dr. Sirajum Monira said, due to AC, the humidity of closed classrooms decreased. This is a big problem for those who have a cold problem.

Experts recommend using an instrument called Humidifier to solve this problem. It increases the amount of water vapor. In it, water is to be heated and the heat becomes steam.

Designer Sanjuti said, ‘The design of classrooms should be such that students can learn comfortably. Children should have thick carpets on the school floor. The chair can not be in the teacher’s table and the door from the bench and no sharp angle. Fine carpets are needed, because the kids can fall on the stumps anytime. ‘

He is also in favor of the bench. ‘They can learn while sitting on the floor. Small chairs and tablets can be kept in color. Whenever he wants to sit. “He insisted on the use of the wall. Why the walls? Listen to the story of a different school.

There is a school in America where the wall is the main attraction of the class. Students learn from their text walls. The Winidgie Elementary School of Manfish Tennessee, USA By opening the bench, the wall has been made open book. Teachers do not even sit there. Whenever there is a teacher in this school, the teacher is on the wall. There are separate white boards for the students in which instructions are given. Students learn around the classroom.

Sarwananda Sijam, the teacher of the school, said, whenever we go to teach some of the students, we put it on the wall. The book is fitted with walls. Students can also take books if they want. As well as studying, they themselves can also talk to themselves.

There are also schools in our country. There are different types of classrooms for every class in the capital’s Ariy School. The method of sitting in the music class is the same. Another type of painting. Munshianna has a chair size. The school’s Dhanmondi campus turned around and saw a small field in front of the school. There are swings and sliders. The school’s teacher Shah Newaz said, ‘Our school is different from the conventional school. Here, many creative events have been organized keeping in mind the class, age and subjects of the students.

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Apart from this, the designers have suggested that the students should plant in the classroom with the permission of the teacher. Patabahan could put water on the bottle next to the window. Orchid can put in the tub. The more the green is the better. They also suggested to have a full garden on the roof if the class is under the roof. It will not make the classroom environment intolerable during the summer on the roof.

They also suggested using the whiteboard instead of the blackboard. Due to dusting the stains, the student can enter the breath by blowing dust.

At a glance

  • Colorful classrooms should be left for children.
  • It’s good to have big windows.
  • The northeast lamps are useful for study.
  • If you have AC then humidifier should be kept in moisture control.
  • Can not have sharp edges.
  • Students will be able to learn about fun if they have access to the walls.
  • Keep the whiteboard without having a blackboard.
  • Indoor plants can be planted in the classrooms.
  • Gardening on the roof can be avoided from the hot summer.

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