What is the new features of the new iPhone ?

new features of the new iPhone

New features of the new iPhone :  First of all thanks for reading this article, if you are searching for new features of the new iPhone to know about it and buy your favorite  smartphone. We must say you are on the right place. So without getting into query let’s directly jump into the collection of new features of the new iPhone.

What is the new features of the new iPhone ?

‘One More Thing’. Before bringing something new out of the hat, the magician is reading a mantra. Steve Jobs has taken this sentence into the legend. As soon as I remembered, ‘One More Thing’. This is the tagline of Apple‘s new innovation announcement. Tom Tim Cook just used this sentence, what new innovations are on the new iPhone Later, senior vice president of Apple Marketing, Phil Riller, spoke about some of the “new features of the new iPhone”.

Face ID

The unlock on iPhone now has the advantage of fingerprints. In addition to the secret pass code, the phone can be opened with fingerprint. Users who feel more secure are the ones The face id coming to the iPhone. Do not give a fingerprint, the iPhone will recognize the user with the camera. Phone will open Consequently, privacy can be protected if the phone is lost or robbed.

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Fingerprints do not change, the look changes. Then? There is no difficulty. The iPhone will notice every day its user’s appearance changes. As a result, your beard sprouts, there is no change in appearance, there is no problem. The iPhone will be known exactly They can recognize the user at night as well as at night. The phone will be unlocked when it comes to the face.
Apple said that fingerprint protection is not perfect. If there is a fingerprint on the basis of duplication, one in every 50 thousand people is likely to have an impression. Face ID is one in every 10 lakhs.

The home button is not there

Another iconic change comes on iPhone. Her round hometown Dreamer Steve Jobs saw the dream of unlocking the iPhone. The concept of touch mobile is popular since then. On the mobile phone the keypad becomes graphical. Still there was a need for home button. The last iPhone has it. But now Apple is giving the home button. From now on, from the phone’s part of the phone, the finger will be moved to the home. It must be unlocked. To switch from any menu again to the home, you will have to use the swipe from below.

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The front end screen

With the removal of the home button, the iPhone can now display from end to end. The iPhone screen is full of mobile phones. IPhone will be waterproof. Due to the big screen, watching videos on the phone will be more enjoyable for users.

Oleed Technologies

If the phone is not used for battery stability, then it is in sleep mode or sleeping. If you want to wake the iPhone then you need to press the home button or the lock button next to it. But now when the iPhone slips in the dark, it will be awakened if you put a finger on the dark display. In the desk, while lying on the bed, the phone is in the slip mode. Whatever you do, take it up, wake up. The display will light up the display. This means that the phone is awake and unlocking will now be fully automatic.

Wireless technology

Both of the earphones and chargers cause trouble for the users. Yerpone cable punch is very annoying. Sometimes the charger cable can never be found. This problem is getting released from the trouble. It does not have to be charged by charging, even if you do not have to insert Jackpin to listen to music. Both will now run in wireless technology. Keeping the phone in the charger pad will start charging. In ear, only the head of the earphone will be inserted.

Animated emoji

Emoji is killing the iPhone As you speak, the emoji you specify will speak in the same style. Not only that, if you are angry, emoji will be angry Happy happy Emoji is not just a fixed icon. Being quite funny.
Cameras & Photography

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iPhone is particularly popular because of its camera and photography technology. Now it is becoming more advanced and modern. Lighting control in special facilities. There will be all the facilities for the perfect studio lighting on the iPhone. Front and back camera are both portraits. Back dual cameras are becoming more modern and automatic. Imagine the motion and motion of the object before taking a picture. As a result, ordinary users can take pictures like professional photographers. Not only that, the use of unmanned realities in the camera. When you take pictures or videos of friends, you can drop down in the dynamo dinosaur walk! These technologies will also help users create their own.

Last word

Basically these are the new major features of the iPhone. The debate is that many of the benefits of the iPhone’s main competitors before. Previously everyone was following the i Phone. I Phone means something new, that one more thing. Where is that? However, waiting for all i Phone-fans will not be absolutely worthless.

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