How To Reduce 3 kg weight a day

reduce 3 kg weight a day

How To Reduce 3 kg weight a day:In most cases, diet is to be excluded from weight loss by eating your favorite foods. The amount of food is also less. Healthy eating & nutrition will improve your body.  But imagine, if you only have one day a week, if you lose 3/4 kg weight, how is it? Reduce 3 kg weight a day is it possible ? If you want to answer of those type of question. And know more details about “How To Reduce 3 kg weight a day”.

The Boston Medical Center doctor Caroline Apavian’s brain has turned out of this “overnight diet”. The reason being that name is a lot of weight will be lost during sleep. I do not believe it. During this diet, you can eat any healthy foods 6 days a week, so there will be no trouble for hunger. Only one day you have to follow the rules, specially prepared a Smoothi. Following this diet has seen an example of weight loss reduction of 3 to 4 kgs a week. Diet Apovian created this diet plan in the last 25 years. Not only that, he is also convinced of its effectiveness by examining its impact on its clients. One day weight loss guide.

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This diet is healthier than other diets. Because of age our muscles are depleted and due to low diet in general diet this problem becomes more prominent. But overnight diets have the mechanism to prevent this. If there is a lot of body fat in the body, then fat does not get enough fat. Overnight diet, such as to eat certain amount of protein, to eat the amount of carbohydrate in certain quantities, there is a chance to eat certain amount of carbohydrate.

As a result, you lose weight by removing fat in a healthy way. Diet is to be consumed only on a day, it greatly reduces insulin production levels in our body. As a result, the fat around the stomach and waist decreases.And start to reduce 3 kg weight a day. The process of fat burning continues in these places throughout the week. Not only that, due to insulin depletion, the risk of certain diseases decreases and our water also reduces excess water.

How To Reduce 3 kg weight a day:

How to do overnight diet?

– Two parts of this diet. One day you will have to refrain from eating common foods every week. You have to drink three glasses of healthy glasses on this day. During your sleep this night, your weight will be reduced by one kilogram. Fat reduction process will also start on this day.

– Other six days of the week you will follow a healthy diet plan. The main point of this diet is to keep body muscles healthy and encourage fat filling by eating meat, fish and eggs. Healthy eating & nutrition is an important fact to improve health. During this time you will be able to eat delicious food, such as peanut butter, potato, pasta etc. after following the diet plan.

If one week is over, then one day you will have to drink only a few times without eating anything else. Thus, keeping the Smoothi-Day one day per week, the process of reducing your weight will start fresh.

Thus, following this plan every week, your weight will decrease and you will be able to return to normal weight according to your height and age.

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– Diet plan can be followed for long periods of time. However, on Smoothie Day you can eat normal foods twice a day, so that you do not lose weight.

Many people think that just drinking smoked, if you do not eat solid food all day hunger will be hungry. But these smudies contain so many healthy ingredients that there is no chance of your appetite.

If the overnight diet is properly followed, the body’s hormonal effect is okay, so the body can not get water again. Not only this, this diet has to depend on liquid food for a whole day. Studies have shown that, in this way, the health of the body is prevented from eating solid foods at times. In this our body knows that it is time to burn fat and burn the fat.

How to make smudu?

1) Protein: One tablespoon protein powder or one cup fat free talk yogurt

2) Liquid (any one): half cup fat free milk, half a cup of soy milk, a cup of milk, a cup of coconut milk, half cup dab water or soy cup fruit juice is your choice.

2) Fruits (any two): Half of the apples, bananas, pears, a lemon or orange, half cup grapes, mango, papaya, pineapple or strawberry.

3) vegetables (any three): a small carrot, half cup cucumber, half a cup of mint leaves, a cup of lettuce, a cup spinach or a small tomato.

4) You can add these as well as a tea table avocado, one teaspoon of sugar-free cocoa powder, one teaspoon peanut butter or one tablespoon oat. Any two of these can be added to Smoothie.

5) You can use any one element to increase the taste: half cup of coffee or tea, salt and pepper powder, ice or water.

6) Do not give any sugar or sugar content in any way.
Mix all these ingredients together in blender and make smooti. You can drink using different recipes every time.

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What to eat for the remaining 6 days of the week?

1) Most important for eating at the rest of the week is to eat proteins in accordance with Daily Protein Requirement (DPR). For women of Bangladesh, it is essential to eat 350-450 grams of the day and for men it is necessary to eat 400-570 grams of protein per day. During this diet, low amounts of protein can not be eaten.

2) Eat as much fruit as possible.

3) You can eat starch-free vegetables and vegetables. Such as broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, tomato, spinach, mushroom etc.

4) Two times, 240 ml. Fat-free or low-fat fat-free yogurt or cheese can eat every day.

5) At the time of sugar intake it will be Hole Grain. Every slice of one slice of wheat gran bread, two honey grain crackers, 30 grams of flour, red rice rice can eat any of these.

6) Potatoes, sweets, pulses, peas or beans can eat 100 grams per day.

7) 4 teaspoons of avocado, olive oil or low in the day

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