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Top 5 best places to Visit or tourist place in Bangladesh

Top 5 best places to Visit or tourist place in Bangladesh: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts of travel guide in Bangladesh on Top 5 best places to Visit or tourist place in Bangladesh .

If you are searching for Top 5 best places to Visit or tourist place in Bangladesh to know about it . We must say you are on the right place. So without getting into query let’s directly jump into the collection of Top 5 best places to Visit or tourist place in Bangladesh.

Top 5 best places to Visit or tourist place in Bangladesh

You have been thinking for some time to travel around the country. But you can not decide where to go. Then immediately throw away thoughts from the head. Because there are many such tourist sites in Bangladesh.
Do you know, There are tourist attractions in the hills, eating food, swimming in the river, playing jootsna in green, and losing yourself in the kingdom of the clouds in this country. Almost every district of this country there are various sights. For this reason many tourists from the country and abroad roam every year to roam around in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s main attractions. There are Cox’s BazarKuakata sea beach, SundarbansRatargul Swamp Forest and Char Kukri Mukri.

Where you can visit with your family. It will also save time and money. You are presented in front of the best five tourist sites in Bangladesh and the way they will go (guidance).

5 Best Places to Visit in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar

Row rows Jhawban, soft bed of sand, huge sea in front. Yes readers, we are talking about Cox’s Bazar. Cox’s Bazar is a tourist city located in the south-eastern part of Bangladesh. The world-wide beach in southeast of Bangladesh. It belongs to Cox’s Bazar district of Chittagong division. Cox’s Bazar Sea-beaches, surrounded by mountains, are among the longest continuous natural sandy beach in the world. The world’s largest beaches are not comparable to Cox’s Bazar. There are blue hues. Which is 120 km continuously from Cox’s Bazar to Badcomok. Extended up to Cox’s Bazar is ideal for tourists. Apart from this, there are many ancient structures.

Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia, Shahpi, St. Martin have made Cox’s Bazar look attractive and attractive. Here you can visit Himchari and Inani Bichay. These two interesting tourist spots include 12 to 22 kilometers of Cox’s Bazar.  The long beach can spend on the beach for several days.

Guidance: Those who want to go directly from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar, they can go to Cox’s Bazar from Cox’s Bazar or direct bus to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka. Direct bus fares will be up to 390-730 taka. There are five star hats to stay in Cox’s Bazar. Also hundreds of residential hotels. Cox’s Bazar has many international quality hotels, motels and resorts. Cox’s Bazar can be done at night from Tk 50 to a maximum of seven thousand taka.

Kuakata sea beach

For the enjoyment of natural beauty there is no other than panoramic sea beach beach. The main thing of the quake is the beauty of sunrise and sunset. Natural beauty is amazing. The nature of the long sea beach of nature is really wonderful. Kuakata is one of the most attractive beaches in the world. The rare, spectacular scene like sunset and sunrise can be seen in the same place on the beautiful beach of Kuakata, standing in the same place.

Guidance: At the Gabtoli bus stand or Sayedabad terminal, tickets can be reached at 8 hours of anytime between morning and afternoon. You can go to the double decker launch in the river. From 5pm to 7pm every day, the time of departure from Dhaka. Going within 14 hours. Then, after reaching Patuakhali district town in the morning, a rickshaw, auto-rickshaw pulling bus buses from the bus stop to Kuakata will reach two hours. You can get to your booked hotel-motel or guest house when you arrive in Kuakata. There are public VIP dakbungalow, private hotel-motel, guest and rest house. Meal Hotel is well enough in Kuakata. At low prices, you can eat and drink with the desired content with family.


Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. It is situated in Khulna district of south of Bangladesh. Beautiful forest is famous for the largest tiger in the world, Royal Bengal Tigers. The beauty of the beauty and biodiversity of the world is the World Heritage of the World Sundarbans. Tourists can visit the Khulna city from any part of the country and get in touch with the preferred tour operator by going to the hotel. Once again, the tourists can travel to the Sundarbans by going directly to the tour operators in the hotel.

Sundarbans Karamzal Wild and Crocodile Reproductive Centers, Harbariya Eco Center, Katka, Shecherhat Temple, Kalyagachia Echo Tourism Center, Mandarbariya Wildlife Sanctuary are all set for tourists. These spots can also enjoy natural beauty including crocodile breeding, sick deer service. If you are good luck, you can also see the scenes of monkeys, deer, guisphers, crabs or crocodile scenes of walking.

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Guidance: The best way to get the taste of the Sundarbans tour in a short time is by doing the best. It is possible to ride in an engine-driven small boat in just an hour from the port of Mongla. Here you will find a large number of crocodiles in crocodile breeding centers. Hiran Point, another sanctuary of the Sundarbans, is one of the most beautiful areas of the entire Sundarbans area. Riverside around There the deer party came to drink water. If your fate is good, then tiger water can also be seen. Khulna city currently has a number of quality hotels including foreign-quality hotels. Among them, one of the most elitious hotels Tiger Garden City Inn, Hotel Castle Salam, Hotel Royal International. These hotels are a little more expensive.

Ratargul Swamp Forest

It is a forested forest. During the rainy season, the ocean of water has four months. Then the small canals are made of pedestrian paths. And then the refuge of the water is in the lame bills of the forest department. There is aquatic animals nearby. It is understandable that the rainy season is the most ideal time of night tour. Gwain river on the north, huge haor in the south. In the middle of the ‘charred forest’ Ratargul The location of the forest of this district is in Fatehpur union of Goingghat upazila on the border of Sylhet district. This swamp forest is the only country in the country from Sylhet city about 26 kilometers.

But more than the karachi in the night-time tree. Hijale fruit is bayake Occasionally, there are fewer peas than Murrah trees. This is the odd kingdom of water. A tree kneels are submerged in the water. Those little ones, they are again submerged in half of the body, in the water. Looks like fishermen have got fishing nets.

Increasing water in the rainy season, the snake charming leaves on the tree. Many forests have arrived in the rainy season because forests under the transparent waters of Haor are visible here. The forest also contains different variations in the winter season. Along with the water, the statue and the jute cane gardens awakened immediately. Again and again, he looks different!

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Guidance: Ratargul can go on several routes. But the way you go, you have to go from Sylhet. Sylhet-Jaflong’s car will go down in the Rareghat From there the tempo goinaghat market Navaghat will fall beside the market. From here, you have to reserve boats for the night to go. But remember, the boat does not go into the forest but the nights can not enter the forest. In the forest you will have to enter the dingo boat.

Char Kukri Mukri

Those who once went to Char Kukri Mukri, the charms of the Valiant beauty palace, want to get away again and again. This Char Kukri Mukri is also known as Lepangi, which is also known as Bippananya. A spectacular appearance of beauty surrounded by mangrove forests, wildlife and seas, which calls nature lovers a handful of tourists. The grave of 400 to 500 years old has not yet touched civilization. It is said that after the formation of the dog and rats were very much in the grave in the beginning. Another name for a rat is called Mekur, and it is named after ‘Char Kukri-Mukri’.

Guidance: 100 km from the vehicle from Bhola Sadar After reaching the Kanchpiya, 30 km away from there. A boat-trawler or speedboat crosses the Meghna River to reach the island.

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