8 kg weight loss within 7 days

weight loss within 7 days

8 kg weight loss within 7 days methods :

Problems with too much weight problems? Preferred fitting clothes can not be wandered around. Many people think that this is a bad idea. But there is nothing to worry about. Less than a week later, you could shake your body with eight kilos of weight. You want to know weight loss tips.

Think of how to reduce the weight of eight kgs in just seven days? This impossible can be done if you follow the General Motors (GM) diet plan. It is a Diet Program that is widely popular in the world.

Those who are interested in weight reduction beforehand, keep in mind that weight reduction means not, but not eating. It is rather harmful for your body. Because it is possible to increase weight after a few kilograms.

You can reduce your weight only by eating the right amount of food in the right way. Now you are thinking, how to lose weight by eating enough food? Let’s see if we can eat a healthy diet and weight down in a week.

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The first day

According to the GM diet plan, the first day of diet is very important. There will be nothing but fruit on your food list. That is, you can call this day as a fruit day.

On the first day, you can have your own choice on the food list. But be careful, you can not eat bananas in any way.

Summer fruit melon and fungus can be kept in the fruit list. It will help keep you cool.

In addition to the fruit on the first day you can eat 8 to 12 glasses of water. But no other food can be eaten in any way. Not even perfect vegetables.

Second day

You can observe this day as a Vegetable Day. You can eat your favorite vegetables or eat raw. But cooked vegetables will be more beneficial for you to eat than boiling it rather than eating it.

If you want to eat boiled potatoes you will eat at the morning. Because potato carbohydrates all day will give you strength.

All other vegetables can eat all day without carrot, broccoli, cucumber, boiled brandy. With 8 to 12 glasses of water will also run.

Third day

You can jointly celebrate this as fruit and vegetables day.

However, in case of vegetables, there will be no bananas in the case of fruit and fruit in your food list.

Fruits in the morning, afternoon vegetables, fruits in the afternoon and fruits and vegetables at night. Eat enough water as before.

The fourth day

You can spend all day eating bananas and milk. You can eat 8 to 10 bananas and three glasses of milk all day.

Start the day with milk and bananas in the morning. Two bananas and one glass of milk at noon. You can finish your meal with some bananas and bananas and milk again in the afternoon.

Fifth day

At noon you can eat monkey rice at noon. You can also eat 6 to 7 tomatoes throughout the day.

Increase the amount of water on the fifth day to 12 to 15 glasses.

Sixth day

Even now you can eat monotonous rice at noon. Besides, vegetables should be eaten whole day. Eat 8 to 12 glasses of water.

Please note that on the sixth day of the diet program looks a bit lighter than before.

The seventh day

Your weight loss mission arrives on the last day. Even now you can eat lump sum rice. All day pass through fruit juice and vegetables.

After the above diet program, you can see if you have lost weight. It is not only you can reduce the weight, but the skin of your face will become even brighter than before. As a result, you can follow this week’s diet program for low-weight as well as bright skin. First Baishakh is not too late but it is too late.

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